Ann Kristin Einarsen

Beta 1.03

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Height: 14 cm (terracotta, glazed inside)

For me, my 2019 Instagram-project #365vases was a sketchbook for future vases and projects. I never intended them to be 365 ready-to-use, functional vases. What the computer industry would call an Alpha test. I was happy and relieved when the #365vases exhibition was acquired collectively, as the vases will all stay together in their original context, as an art installation. 

I am now in the Beta testing phase. Diving into the monthly themes, exploring designs, expressions and production processes with the goal of developing a perfect object to express the essence of each month in the #365vases project. 

I might never get there, but these Betas are my best effort yet; exclusive one of a kind prototypes, available for purchase.